Shopping the Periphery of the Store

You’ve locked and loaded your credit card. Your trusty GPS has guided you to your local supermarket. You’ve got a list of items to pick up on your phone, all with one thing in common. To be as healthful, natural and delicious as possible. Where does the freshest and most nutritious food hang out? On the edges of the store. Because the perimeter of the store has the most alive groceries and produce. And that’s the whole basis for embracing a mindful diet.

After you enter the store, follow the path to the fresh produce section and gather up organic fresh fruits, vegetables, green leaves and forest-centric items like mushrooms and fresh seasonings, and carefully place them in your steel, wheeled basket.

Your next move? The refrigerated section. While you may not see any monkeys, unsweetened organic coconut and almond milk are just as available as they are in the jungle. And dried fruits like raisins and dates are there for the taking. And don't forget to ferret out the nut section, and dig into the mindful, superfood nutrition they supply.

So now that your grocery basket is full of healthy, nutritious bounty, head for the dessert section, and grab a couple of containers of MUD, the delicious vanilla, chocolate and coffee dairy free ice cream sweetened with dates. Take it home or eat it in the car. You deserve a superfood reward after such a successful grocery store visit.

The above information is for educational purposes only, and gathered from a variety of different sources. It should not be construed as medical advice, or as an endorsement of any particular product. Your healthcare provider is your best source for medical and nutritional advice, and should be consulted on any health decision you make.

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