Nutritional Benefits of MUD's Whole Food Ingredients

Coconut Milk

Coconut palms can absorb nearly every mineral useful in human nutrition, making young coconut water nearly identical to human blood plasma. In fact, in the Pacific in WWII coconut water IVs saved thousands of lives. It fights fatigue with vitamins and natural sugars, and contains a higher level of potassium and a lower level of sodium than many sports drinks.


Cultivated since approximately 6000 B.C. dates are a natural sweetener with low-insulin spiking fructose, and are considered medium on the Glycemic Index for blood sugar. They are rich in magnesium, known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, and potassium, which can promote proper good heart function heart and lower blood pressure


Due to its high soluble fiber content, acacia fiber is thought to help lower cholesterol levels, keep blood sugar in check, protect against diabetes, and aid in the treatment of digestive disorders. It is sourced from the sap of the Acacia Senegal tree, a plant native to parts of Africa, Pakistan, and India. 


So valuable the Mayans used it for centuries as currency, cacao is the highest anti-oxidant concentrated food in the world — with more antioxidants than green tea, blueberries and red wine combined. It is also recognized as the #1 source of magnesium, and contains 314% the US RDA for iron in a 1 oz. serving.


Long prized as a potent aphrodisiac by the Aztec Indians, the dried seed pod of the vanilla plant contains many important minerals: like potassium, iron, manganese and copper to help regulate heart rate and promote red blood cell production. According to the USDA, vanilla beans are a Top-10 antioxidant food, with antibacterial properties that can help reduce skin infections and treat acne.

The above information is for educational purposes only, and gathered from a variety of different sources. It should not be construed as medical advice, or as an endorsement of any particular product. Your healthcare provider is your best source for medical and nutritional advice, and should be consulted on any health decision you make.

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