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"Who wants dessert?” is a universal question at the end of the meal. And pies, cakes, ice cream, brownies, cookies are all favorite choices, both at home and when eating out. But most desserts are double-edged swords at best; and notorious bad culinary partners at worst. Sure they are tasty and delicious, but they can turn on you after they’re consumed, either by adding weight or causing an insulin spike followed by a blood sugar crash, and are often accompanied by intestinal discomfort. Lots of unsustainable, GMO and pesticide-dependent sugar and grain carbohydrates are the two big reasons why un-mindful desserts wreck so much havoc.

But culinary mindfulness (the art of nourishing a healthy planet as well as a healthy body) starts with and stays with the principles of the health conscious way of life — using only sustainable, whole, minimally processed, nutrient-rich ingredients beneficial for good health and well-being. No dairy, processed sugars, grain flours, stabilizers or artificial anything are strict guidelines for mindfulness. But coconut milk, fruits, nuts and flavors from vanilla, cacao and other yummy Superfood choices ensure that your desserts will not only be delicious, but also deliver health-promoting nutrition.

Eat Mud offers our our vanilla, chocolate and coffee dairy free frozen desserts for you, your family and guests to enjoy a delicious, clean dessert.

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