Got rBGH?

Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), an important part of the milk production industry since 1994, is a synthetic hormone that is injected into dairy cows and can increase milk production. It has been banned in Europe and Canada, and a majority of dairy farmers have boycotted it since its introduction. But it is present in many milk products today because of blending milk from different dairy sources before it is packaged.

How does rBGH work? By causing a cow to lactate more milk than its body is designed to produce, thereby raising the potential for the cow to have udder infections, reproductive issues, digestion problems, limb maladies and chronic sores. Milk and food products are not required to say they contain RBGH, but a movement by milk and food producers has begun to label RBGH-free products as such. However, it is estimated that 1.5 million lactating cows are still being given rBGH. Not only do their milk products contain pus and bacteria from over functioning udders, they also have significantly shorter life spans versus non-rBGH cows. And their milk may contain residual amounts of rBGH.

If you want to drink milk and enjoy milk products without the risk of consuming rBGH and its associated pathogens, make sure that your dairy products are organic, and if possible, labeled rGBH-free. Of course, avoiding dairy products altogether is in keeping with sound practices, and will guarantee you and your children are not eating dairy toxins. Substitute nutrient rich almond or coconut milk in your cereal, coffee, or enjoy as refreshing beverages. (They have 50% more calcium that cow milk.) And swap out your dairy-based ice cream and yogurt for MUD, the delicious dairy free ice cream sweetened only with dates. It uses only organic coconut milk as a base, cocoa, vanilla beans or coffee beans for flavor; and gets its sweet taste exclusively from dates. With MUD, you’re not only serving a nutritious dessert everyone will love, you’ll never have to worry about what rBGH might be doing to the health of you and your family. And the next time the TV or a magazine asks “Got Milk?”, just answer back with “Got MUD!”

The above information is for educational purposes only, and gathered from a variety of different sources. It should not be construed as medical advice, or as an endorsement of any particular product. Your healthcare provider is your best source for medical and nutritional advice, and should be consulted on any health decision you make.

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