Detox Your Sacred Home

Detox Your Sacred Home

Start with purified drinking water

You should be focused on keeping your home clean and free from toxins just like your food. Start by ensuring that the water that’s coming into your home is free-from contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals and organic toxins like nitrate fertilizer runoff. Install a filter on your kitchen faucet and make sure your refrigerator’s drinking water is filtered. Or even better, have a reverse osmosis water filter installed under your sink and enjoy the purest water you can drink.


Clean your home and clothes naturally

Use air conditioning? Check the filters regularly and replace them when they are dirty or have mold. Open your windows on non-air conditioning and non-heating days. It’s better for your family . . . and the planet. And when you use your washer and dryer, use only Free n Clear detergent (every brand has it). And don’t use toxic fabric softener and dryer sheets. To keep your clothes smelling great just put a drop or two of an essential oil like vanilla or lavender on a piece of cloth that goes in the dryer with your clothes. They’ll come out smelling great. Use all natural air fresheners, or better yet, don’t use them at all (essential oil diffuser will do the trick!) And clean your house with all natural glass, floor and bathroom cleaners. Frequent sweeping keeps the need to deep clean at a minimum.


Remove the junk food. Add the goodness.

Make sure you remove any overly processed foods from your cabinets (i.e if it has over 12 ingredients, has natural flavors, or added sugars, especially if it end in 'ose'), and replace with a good supply of veggies, fruits, nuts, nut butters, and berries in case of an emergency – like unexpected guests, or a sudden need to binge. Your refrigerator is your best partner, and one big advantage of modern life. And freezers are also where you store your MUD, the vanilla, chocolate and coffee dairy free frozen dessert that has the same superfoods our ancestors began storing in their caves over two million years ago.




The above information is for educational purposes only, and gathered from a variety of different sources. It should not be construed as medical advice, or as an endorsement of any particular product. Your healthcare provider is your best source for medical and nutritional direction, and should be consulted on any health decision you make.

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