3 Minute Exercise to Calm Down Anxiety

It’s so easy to ‘keep going’. There’s so much to do. Never enough time. Especially when you have little humans to take care of.


That’s exactly how I felt when our ‘newborn honeymoon’ was over.


Work kicked in. The laundry never stopped. Routines started shifting. But caring for my sweet baby girl with love and attention was still my number one priority.


So I just kept going, learning to move through the tiredness, leaving 'me-time' for the evenings. Which usually looked like plopping on the couch, eating whatever was easiest, and staring at the TV screen because I was too tired to do anything else.


But 8 months postpartum I wasn’t feeling so good doing that anymore. It felt like a trap. Short-lived pleasure followed by feelings of guilt, unease, and even anxiety.


Can I ask you a question?


Do you ever ‘keep going’ when your body is screaming at you to stop and take a break?


If you are like me, and you care about others and want to help those around you, then chances are you answered YES.


So let’s do something for us right now. Let’s indulge in some very needed me-time. It will only take 3 minutes. It’s called a MUDitation moment. Ready? Here we go …


I will walk you through 3 prompts. Each prompt will take 60 seconds. You can use the timer on your phone to track it. Read one prompt at a time. Enjoy!!


1) Breathe (through your nose) as deeply as you can for 60 seconds. Focus on your belly and fill it with as much air as possible. Exhale (through the mouth) as long and deep as possible. Go.


2) Close your eyes and listen to your surroundings for 60 seconds. Listen deeply to each sound as it arises. Smile as the world keeps buzzing and you sit there in peace :) Continue deep breathing. Go.


3) Close your eyes and put your hands over your heart and think about someone or something you love. Visualize pink or gold light shining from your heart. Continue deep breathing. Go


Thank you for taking the time to slow down. This is sacred work, my friend!


When we infuse mindful MUDitation moments throughout our day, we feel lighter and happier! All it takes is a few minutes and a desire to feel good.


Wishing you deep Love, pleasure, and joy!


Mindfully yours,


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