Rich & creamy dairy free ice cream with no added sugars.

Literally Amazing

"Literally amazing. I never knew a frozen dessert could be so clean and so good. The coffee and vanilla flavors are the only ones I have had so far, but I love both. Honestly, I prefer them to most other ice creams."


Outstandingly Delicious

"Outstandingly delicious. Best ice cream I ever had."

Helena R.

Finally! Healthy Ice Cream

"I love this ice cream. This is perfect for folks on Whole30 or Paleo diets, or if you don’t want any sugar at all in your ice cream. I think this is the healthiest I’ve cream I’ve ever had. With a ton of food restrictions, I have a hard time being satisfied with the selection of certain foods. This made my day. No offending foods, and the only sugar is coming from actual Dates."


An Easy Decision

"I am Celiac and do not tolerate dairy.  I eat very healthy and am always looking for new foods to enjoy. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried MUD. The clean and short list of healthy ingredients made trying it an easy decision.  MUD is creamy and flavorful and not overly sweet..I have tried all three flavors and love them all. Looking forward to trying new flavors in the future!" 

  • Coconut milk ice cream

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Coconut milk ice cream

Sweetened with dates

Pure vanilla

Acacia, from the tree of life

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